Roots (Daily Prompt)




For some of us

Roots are long and deep

You pull and pull,

But it keeps going, going, going

These plants flourish in the sun,

But others shade them from what they need,

The giant, pretty flowers, they tower over these beautiful plants

Until they feel like they are nothing,

Until they shrink back into the soil,

Until the roots become the only part of them


But sometimes, sometimes, deep within the soil,

One of these plants sees another, They see how beautiful the other is,

And they wonder why they are hiding

They both had suffered the same fate,

Feeling like nothing, becoming nothing but roots.

But together they grow, they grow, they grow,

Lifing each other up, being the encouragement they always needed

Until they’re higher than the trees will ever be.


For others, roots are short

They appear thick and long on the surface

But do not travel far

They wither and die off fast

They rely on the deep-rooted

To keep them alive

But do they thank them? No.

They continue on, not a care,

Until the plant starts to wither again,

But they hide it and steal from others

These plants are tall and mighty,

Towering above others,

Making others cower in their shadow.


But sometimes, sometimes

A smaller plant will rise

Up, up, up, unexpectedly,

The enormous plant doesn’t know how to react,

No one had ever been as tall as it,

No one had ever dared to try to reach its height

So when the plant grows taller and taller,

The short-rooted plant is left in the shadows

To wither and die.

Yay for second post and still not knowing how to end this (and also the daily prompt for 4/26/17 )



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