The room was bright with artificial light and shone like a star. Everything was as clean as a whistle, and makeup was carefully organized and placed in different spots on the counter. Two figures could be seen. One with long, wavy hair with ad delicate frame and was dressed in a posh manner she stood up straight and tall, well, as tall as a five-foot-three, fifty-year-old woman could be.

The second figure was taller, but you could barely tell the difference between the two because she was slouching. She seemed out of place as she stood there like she would rather be anywhere else. She was dressed in a long violet dress with frills at the end of it. It flowed nicely off of her figure, but the girl seemed uncomfortable in the fancy attire. Her hair was an ash brown color, and it was stringy, thin and straight. She squirmed in the grip of the older woman, complaining that her hair was fine the way it is.

The older woman continued to brush her hair and style it, ignoring the girl’s complaints.

“First impressions are everything,” she chided, “ And you, my dear,” she poked the girl in the back while saying ‘you’, earning a couple of complaints from the girl, “are going to need all the help you can get.”


Yay for the daily prompt and also that I wrote this during school, when I was supposed to be doing homework, in a ten minute period of time. Thanks for reading and

BYE!!!! 🙂

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