She huddled in the corner, shivering, watching the soldiers go by. She didn’t dare move a muscle. She couldn’t be seen. They couldn’t be seen. They needed to stay out of sight. She turned her head just an inch to look at the little boy beside her.

He was trembling more violently than she, despite the torn up blanket that had been placed on his lap. He watched the soldiers with a mixture of fascination and horror, eyes wide and unblinking. Those eyes flashed with horrible images, images of bombs, gunshots, and blood. Images of unspeakable things that he had witnessed at such a young age. He never got a chance at a normal life. He never did because of them. The Nazis. The Germans. The enemy. It’s their fault. It’s their fault his family is dead, his fault that he’s alone, alone except for one, alone. His fists clenched and he gritted his teeth, leaning forward. Tears sting his eyes as he opens his mouth to yell, to get his anger out, but before he could a soot-covered hand clamped over it.

He looked over to see the girl looking at him sympathetically, hand still over his mouth as she shook her head. Her eyes were full with sorrow from experiences of her own, and though anger flickered in the depths, she stayed calm as the last of the soldiers passed.

The two children stayed completely silent and still, unmoving until they were positive they were gone.

I’m not going to finish this at the moment because realized that this is yesterday’s daily prompt and I need to post this before it’s too late (I mean, it’s already too late but whatever)

Yay for being late and yay for making honors band omg yes.

Bye ~

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